MOI announces advertisement for the recruitment of 600 new police officers


The Ministry of Interior has published an ad for the recruitment of 600 new police officers, journalists at “Meta” have learned. It will be published and advertised in tomorrow’s “Offical Gazette” and tomorrow’s editions of the daily newspapers.

From what can be understood from the advertisement so far, they are looking to enroll another 600 police officers for work at the Ministry of Interior.

A large number of the candidates, around 100 of them, who will pass training and will be accepted, according to the advert they will be deployed into organizational units based in Skopje, then 165 will be sent to Regional Centres, 50 police officers will be employed by the Sector for Internal Affairs in Ohrid and Strumica, while the others will be mobilized in almost all the police stations in Skopje.

Also in the advert, it clearly states the conditions for enrollment in the competition, like the methodology, the selection of candidates is not far behind.

In the selection, the chosen candidates for police duties will sign an agreement to one-year’s basic training, and during enrollment “10% more candidates will apply to be police officers than there are available places, which is published in the advertisement”.

The announcement comes at a time while the country is in the middle of tough negotiations between the signatories of the Pržino Agreement, and is at a dead-end regarding an agreement and the issue of the Minister of Interior’s power and authority.

Earlier, Parliament, using the amendments they have made to the Law on Policing and the Law on Internal Affairs, they made the decision to cut-off the powers of the Minister of Interior and strengthen the position of the Director of the Bureau of Public Safety.

And last year in July, the MOI announced another enrollment for police officers.

In May this year, Interior Minister Mitko Chavkov, straight after regaining his official title, signed the contracts for the employment of 400 police officers.

According to data from “Bloomberg” which was published in 2008, Macedonia then had 9.905 police officers.
In 2014, the former deputy minister for public relations at the MOI, Ivo Koteski stated that they had 8.500 police officers, and according to the budget for salaries, the MOI (including the administration personnel), there are 10.925 men and women employed there.

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