Фото: Бојан Блажевски

The Health Ministry of North Macedonia informs that in the past 24 hours 4 555 tests were done and 1 259 new cases of COVID-19 were discovered.

Nearly half of the new cases are from the capital Skopje – 562, and the city with second highest number of infections is Bitola, with 97 new cases, followed by Kumanovo with 83 and Veles with 51 new cases.

In the same 24-hour period, 751 people recovered and 45 patients died. Twenty of the deceased patients were from Skopje.

The total number of COVID-19 diagnosed cases in North Macedonia since the outbreak of the pandemic is 136 426, the number of patients who recovered is 111 139 and the death toll is 4 022. The number of the active cases is 21 265.