Negotiations between the political parties signatory to the Przhino Agreement about the problems in the media, will not continue today after VMRO-DPMNE left the meeting in the MPs Clubhouse in Skopje “Meta” has learnt.

According to our sources, the office of the Belgian facilitator Peter Vanhoutte delivered a statement to the political parties today that negotiations will not take place today. So far there is no information when they would continue. Both Macedonian major parties participating in the talks say they are ready to continue negotiations, but no one is willing to take the first step.

SDSM unofficially say they do not know what will happen next and when negotiations will resume. VMRO-DPMNE, also unofficially informed us that they want to continue with negotiations, but by no means sit at the negotiation table and discuss the “fascist law proposed by the SDSM.”
Yesterday, VMRO-DPMNE left the negotiations over the matter of the media and explained that they “will not allow SDSM to seize and abolish freedom of the media and act contradictory to European standards and conventions on freedom of expression and freedom of information.”

SDSM argue that this step is typical of the VMRO-DPMNE, and they are continuing with their strategy of non-compliance and delaying the commitments made by the Przhino Agreement.

“The regulation of the media is one of the key criteria points, that are it without fair, democratic and regular elections will be practically impossible. With such behaviour, the campaign calls into question the Treaty of Przhino “react SDSM.

The negotiations were further obstructed and confrontation between the two parties after the SDSM leader Zoran Zaev statement, at yesterday’s press conference, when he said:


“At the moment the attitude of the SDSM and my personal view is that the biggest political enemy to us, as the opposition, are media outlets such as” Sitel “,” Kanak 5 “,” Alpha TV, “,” Dnevnik “and MRT. You are media which, among other things, are financed by taxpayers’ money, my money and your money, and with that money you support the ruling party, the Government.”


Immediately after the statement the media reacted who had been linked together in this statement and VMRO-DPMNE. The editors of “Kanal 5”, “Sitel” and “Alpha” and the daily newspaper “Dnevnik”, reacted with a written statement calling for  the negotiations regarding the media to be stopped.