VMRO-DPMNE abandoned negotiations on the media, while Vanhoutte waits for them to return


Shortly after the establishment of the talks, VMRO-DPMNE abandoned negotiations to regulate the work of the media.

From sources close to the negotiating groups, they reveal that the ruling party had abandoned negotiations, because something the Belgian facilitator had said, they took personally, even though Mr Vanhoutte was actually referring to the proposals. Some participants in the negotiations, said that the VMRO-DPMNE were one of the most non-constructive parties, and for weeks they “only played on their own side”.

The SDSM said that this is a known strategy of VMRO-DPMNE for avoiding obligations under the Przhino Agreement.

“VMRO-DPMNE continues with their strategy of postponement and non-compliance with the obligations undertaken with the agreement of June 2nd / July 15th. Regulation of the media is one of the key criteria, which without it, fair, democratic and regular elections will not be possible. With such behaviour, the campaign calls into question the Przhino Agreement, “said the statement from the SDSM.

Belgian facilitator Peter Vanhoutte remains hopeful, and expects the parties as soon as possible to return to negotiation table.

The ruling party today were not available for a statement to explain why they left the talks.

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