Representatives from Albanian political parties in Macedonia, DUI, Besa and the Albanian Alliance, today launched a ‘Joint Platform of Albanian Parliamentary Parties in Macedonia’, as they stated, for “realizing the future government mandate and/or any further mandates”.

The platform consists of seven main points which, among other things, are listed as the following proposals or goals:

  • Albanians to be considered a statehood nation;
  • The Albanian language to be in use in all levels of Government;
  • The Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia should confirm that “the Macedonian language and the Cyrillic alphabet and the Albanian language and its alphabet are the official languages of the Republic of Macedonia”;
  • A complete debate on the flag, anthem and coat of arms in order for “state symbols to reflect social multi ethnicity and ethnic equality”;
  • Adoption of a resolution in Parliament condemning genocide of Albanians in Macedonia from the period 1912-1956;
  • Formation of a state commission on municipal financing, decision-making eligible for government grants in favour of municipalities;
  • Fair representation in the security, military, intelligence and justice services;
  • Fair representation in all levels of the central government and in public offices or enterprises with public actions;
  • Complete clarification on issues and court proceedings such as “Sopot“, “Brodec“, “Monster” and “Kumanovo” by an inquiry or an international independent body;
  • Solution of the name dispute in accordance with European values and principles of international law;
  • Adopting a common and binding resolution in Parliament which will insure that the Government will be committed to be actively involved in resolving the name dispute;
  • Inclusion of Albanians in the working group for direct negotiations with Greece;
  • Inclusion of Albanians in the working group for direct negotiations with Bulgaria;
  • Cooperation with Kosovo and Albania for integrated border management;
  • Opening of new border crossings;
  • Meeting these goals to be monitored by organizing a roundtable of Albanian parliamentary parties in accordance with the principle of rotation, which will serve as a platform for the harmonization of political action and transparent communication with international partners of Macedonia.