Five days after the bombing of the government building on Ilindenska No. 2, Ivo Kotevski, Deputy Interior Minister, confirmed that the expert teams of MOI determined the type of weapon used, but this he did not want to elaborate on it, as whether it is the same weapon that was used to bomb the building of the Government on 28th of October last year.

The response we received from Kotevsk to the question whether there are suspects and about possible motives for the attack is that “the Ministry is working on capturing the offenders.”

MOI also didn’t comment on the communique which yesterday was announced by Kosovo daily “Koha Ditore”, according to which, National Liberation Army (NLA) claimed responsibility for the attack. On the contrary, MOI doesn’t pay attention to the published letter.

– There were such communiqués previously and, based on the checks we did then, it was determined that they were sent from IP address in Switzerland. Anyone can send an email, but that does not mean that he is the perpetrator – stated Kotevski for us.

The bombing of the Government happened on Friday, 10th of April, around 9 pm. According to the police, it was aimed at block 5 of the government building, which overlooks the bridge Goce Delchev, but the missile fell a few feet from the building, which was not damaged.

Previously, on 28th of October, two grenades were fired towards the government, which ended in the facade.

The perpetrators have not yet been identified, and three weeks after the attack, the prosecution stated for META that “competent Public Prosecutor takes all necessary measures and activities related to the discovery of the perpetrators of the incident and that the projectiles were examined and photos of the surrounding buildings were requested.”

Since then, there is no new information regarding the case and there is also no resolution of the case which was simultaneously reported in Tetovo police by two employees in the local water supply, according to who, two people in dark uniforms threatened them and ordered them to stop working.

Neither the perpetrators of “terrorist attacks” in the vicinity of police stations in Kumanovo and Tetovo, which occurred early December last year, were found.

Through communiqués, NLA also claimed responsibility for the attacks at them time, but regarding the correspondence announced by “Alsat M”, the answer of the prosecution was that “the prosecution has not received any notification of taking responsibility for the event.”