“The evidence we have published revealed the real face of the Government. We revealed the faces of Nikola Gruevski, who, along with Sasho Mijalkov, exercised pressure on people just to stay in power. Like ticks, they clanged on citizens just to stay in power. We saw that they also usurped VMRO-DPMNE. Today will prove why the Ministry of Interior is stated as a party headquarters in the reports of OSCE. You’ll see why these reports indicate the division of the party and the state,” stated SDSM leader Zoran Zaev at today’s press conference, on which he announced new tapped conversations.

– You will hear how the system of dealing with opponents is functioning. Zhivko Popovski, father of Minister Nikola Popovski, fired the president of the union of the aviation company because of disobedience. You will hear the faculties are filled with assistants to be cleaned, in order no communist is left, as all that for some reason showed dissatisfaction and decided to sue were removed from UBK, how Jankuloska personally decided on them – stated Zaev.

In the first conversation he announced, it is heard as Gordana Jankuloska talks to Martin Protugjer about how a union president was fired. She explains that he was fired because of a statement made against the company. She explained that it would have been different if they had him on their side.

In the following conversation between Panche Kralev and Gordana Jankuloska, they talk abouy a candidate who should be hired. Jankuloska says that it should be seen for which party he is. Kralev, however, answered that there are people who are from SDSM and are undecided.

In another audio recording of those today announced by Zoran Zaev, Sasho Mijalkov and Gordana Jankuloska talk about a purge of employees. Mijalkov says it needs to be cleaned. Jankulovska agrees and says that they are at the beginning of the term and that they should do so soon and then be “carefree” for four years.

Jankuloska talks with Violeta Andonovska about 34 people in UBK who should be declared as “surplus” and they agree how it should be arranged for them to be fired.

– Now is the time to clean up, at the beginning of the term, and if there is noise, we will endured. Let’s hammer all who sue, for them to come to their senses. We will abolish the seats, so let them go to hell – says Jankuloska.

Gordana Jankuloska and Ilija Dimovski talk about two employees in the Postal Agency who are at the end of their terms. Dimovski said that those are freelance positions with a big fee.

Nikola Gruevski and Jankuloska talk about hiring people in PRO. Gruevski asks who carries out interviews and says that Goran Trajkovski doesn’t know how to choose people because “he will take those who would pressure him”. Gruevski insists to form a committee of economists that will carry out the interview. Jankuloska explains that people are ranked by municipal committees.