Officials will also pay contributions for additional income


The public got used SDSM to try and block every positive measure, regardless how useful it is for the citizens, especially workers, and by twisting thesis, it wants to manipulate the workers, reads the response from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy for the views on the about Law on freelancers stated at the press conference of SDSM.

“Many problems will be eliminated with the enforcement of the legal amendments that entail paying contributions for part-time workers. This measure of the Government provides contracts for work and copyright agreements to enter the system of compulsory insurance, i.e. payment of contributions for the persons engaged in this way and aims to increase social security of citizens, protect workers’ rights to create conditions every worker to be paid for work that they do, and contributions for compulsory social insurance to be paid as well. This measure is aimed towards protecting workers’ rights, greater social security of workers and towards granting rights and opportunities for workers to be insured, i.e. to be part of the compulsory insurance”, reads the reaction of MLSP.

Its representatives add that all elected officials, i.e. public officials who will realize additional income on the basis of copyright agreement or contract of work are also subject to mandatory payment of social contributions on the earned amount, which means that officials are also covered by the measure.

“Exceptions on the basis of copyright agreement and contract of work only apply to pensioners who have copyright work contracts. All others that earn income on the basis of such contracts will pay social contributions for copyright agreements as well,” reads the statement.


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