SDSM: Why are the budgets of the pension and health insurance empty?



The new legislation will lead employers to seek to lower their contracts for work under the minimum wage to avoid additional payments for health and pension insurance, said Mila Carovska, President of Commission for Labor and Social Policy of SDSM, at a press conference.

– This way, many people will not only lose their pension and health insurance, but will receive lower incomes as well. Therefore Stavreski cannot justify these amendments until he finds a way to oblige or encourage employers to allocate additional resources to insure the hired person or transform copyright agreements in contracts of permanent employment – said Carovska.

She added that these solutions project someone who has already gained the right (through payment of regular salary contributions), to again pay for the same right, without obtaining any extra services in the process.

SDSM asks the Government whether it really plans to release officials from paying contributions on the contracts of work and copyright agreements.

– If so, then the Government should explain this discrimination, for example, why someone who went to a few meetings in the management boards of some companies, such as Macedonian Post, which members are diplomats and university professors, won’t have to pay contributions on their fees, while someone who works for a month under the contract for work for 12,000 or 13,000 denars should pay contributions – says Carovska.

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