From the beginning of the month, the Operational-Technical Agency (OTA), which will function as an independent state body, will oversee the monitoring of communications by the competent state bodies, i.e. it will provide technical link between operators and the authorized bodies, without the possibility of activating or conducting the recording of the communications received.

With the budget re-balance, which is currently undergoing the parliamentary procedure for the new agency, 3.26 million denars (about 53.000 euros) have been allocated.

From this amount, 2.2 million denars (35.700 EUR) are foreseen for salaries and allowances, while the remaining amount of approximately one million denars (EUR 17.000) has been allocated for the procurement of goods and services, ie for travel and daily expenses, communal services, heating , communication and transportation, materials and small inventory, repairs and ongoing maintenance, contractual services and other current expenditures.