Minister Bochvarski announces a more strict control over the implementation of capital investments


There have been many promises and many numbers, but at some infrastructural projects, there have been delays in the building and prolongation of deadlines for the building. Because of this, next year, the state, on a central level, will form a unit for monitoring and accomplishment of capital projects in order for a higher level of accomplishment to be delivered. This was told by the Minister for Transport and Communications Blagoj Bochvarski at today’s press conference when he also presented the Ministry for Transport and Communication’s budget for 2021.

“For example, we shall be obliged to accomplish at least 15% of planned assets during the first quarter, during the second quarter to accomplish 40%, 65% during the third quarter, in accordance with the Law for Budget for 2021. As a result, we are expecting a stronger dedication in the accomplishment of all planned projects,” stressed Minister Bochvarski.

Among the projects that are delayed he mentioned the railroad to Bulgaria, for which he stressed that next year with the call for tender a contractor will also be required for the section from Kumanovo to Beljakovce and the section from Beljakovce to Kriva Palanka. In total, a sum of 1.8 billion MKD will be allocated for the building of a railroad at Corridor 8 and the maintenance of the railroad at Corridor 10.

“I will certainly be pleased if during the first quarter we are able to select a contractor for the railroad to Bulgaria. It’s about the first two phases, that we want to issue a call for one tender and to select a contractor at the same time. We wish that we can select a strong contractor,” said Minister Bochvarski.

Concerning the highway Kichevo-Ohrid, he stressed that in 2021, around 20 km of this section consisting of 57 km will be completed and be put into use. SO far, 350 million EUR were invested in this project. The deadline for the completion of the Kichevo-Ohrid highway wasn’t announced today. Bochvarski is expecting things to move forward concerning the express toad Gradsko-Prilep i.e. the first and the second phase of the building of this new road to continue next year.

Minister Bochvarski informed that next year with the cooperation of the City of Skopje and implementation of the project for a rapid bus system in Skopje will start where the City of Skopje will be the barer and implementer of the “Tramway on Wheels.” The Ministry for Transport and Communications is the country’s authorized representative when it comes to withdrawing funds from EBRD, and 33 million MKD have been planed for this project in 2021.

Regarding subsidizing air companies so they can introduce new airlines, Bochvarski hopes that the COVID-19 pandemic will allow the state next year to start will approval of assets for opening new destinations from our airports. For Wizzair subsidies, that were canceled in the spring because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the state budget plans 69 million MKD.

From the Ministry of Transport’s budget for 2021, 749 million MKD will be allocated for the building of gas pipelines, 937 million MKD for sewerage and water supply, 615 million MKD will be allocated for maintenance of local streets and roads across municipalities, 134 million MKD will be allocated for the building of social housing and 150 million MKD will be allocated for the construction of the Otinja dam in Shtip.

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