Mijalkov gives his word that he will regularly appear in court


Today, former Director of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK), Sasho Mijalkov, before a three member council of Skopje’s Appellate Court, stated that he has no reason to flee the country as he is convinced of his innocence and he believes that in further hearings, the court will see this, reported “Nova TV”.

“Until now, I have only missed two summons, and that was because I was abroad and there were no return tickets on time. I answer every summons responsibly. That is how it has been until now, and from today, I can give the court my word that I shall answer every invitation and summons, and I will appear in court properly”, said Mijalkov.

Lence Ristovska, a prosecutor from the SPO, argued that they are asking Mijalkov be remanded into custody as he is a flight risk because there are court proceedings against him. She submitted Mijalkov’s questionnaires from the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption and documents from the Czech Trade Register, where it states that he is a property owner and a business owner in the Czech Republic, alluding to the possibility of him fleeing the country.

Before the session ended, Mijalkov said he believed in the “objectivity and professionalism of the court and that they will make the right decision”.

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