Manchevski: We expect concrete proposals for the electoral list by Friday


The negotiators of the Action groups sent by the major political parties to discuss the implementation of the Przhino Agreement have retained their starting positions.

They are still getting a feel of the pulse of the opponent about what can be obtained and where they can let go in the realization of the agreement and towards organizing the early parliamentary elections in April 2016.

Damjan Manchevski, member of the SDSM Action group commented for Meta that by Friday there may be concrete steps taken towards accepting the proposal that is acceptable to all sides in the negotiations.

– We are still discussing the technicality of the proposals. About the duration, deadlines and aiming for the precise date for holding the elections in April. So far we haven’t moved forward, but we expect to get concrete proposals by Friday which we will then discuss in depth. There are many ideas, lots of suggestions and we are still testing all probabilities- says Manchevski.
Yesterday’s meeting of the action groups was over one and half hours after it began.

The representatives didn’t give any statements following the meeting, except the representative of DUI, Artan Grubi, who said the meeting went well.

During yesterday’s meeting the topics of discussion were the electoral list and the participation of the Diaspora in the elections. Questions regarding the role of the State Elections Commission is going to be addressed at one of the next meetings.

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