EU and the US should announce today whether there are conditions for early elections on April 24


Ambassadors of the European Union (EU) and United States (US) in the country, Aivo Orav and Jess Baily according to announcements this afternoon should announce their assessment of whether there are conditions for holding early parliamentary elections on April 24.

There has been no official confirmation on how the ambassadors will announce their decision, whether they will personally take their findings to the interim Prime Minister, Emil Dimitriev, which would be followed by a press conference or whether they will send the report in another way.

Initially it was announced that the report with the evaluation on whether there are conditions for fair and credible elections, would be announced on February 19 (yesterday), but senior diplomatic source told “meta” yesterday that the final text of the joint statement was still being prepared in Brussels and Washington.

According to the same source, the negotiations of the political parties will continue “at a local level.”

Political parties have repeatedly breached the terms of the points provided by the Przhino Agreement and have still failed to reach an agreement on media reforms. Wednesday’s meeting between the working groups ended without success, and Belgian facilitator Peter Vanhoutte warned that it the failure would impact the final assessment from the EU and US.

There has been no official statement on if and when the working groups will continue to negotiate. Belgian facilitator said the ball is in the the hands of the politicians for resuming talks, where they must decide whether to continue to work towards a compromise on the issue.

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