Mancevski: The government has hired 96 people, all employed through public job vacancies


The new government hired a total of 96 people in all institutions together, out of which 32 are special cabinet advisers to ministers, and only 26 employees have been employed in Government, Minister of Information Society and Administration said Damjan Mancevski at a press conference today.

All new employments in state institutions were made through previously announced public job vacancies.

“In accordance with the law, each minister is entitled to three internal advisers from administration and three outside special cabinet advisers. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has three advisers, and for comparison, former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski had 86 advisers. On the other hand, from June 1st to July 25th through out the municipalities, where the mayors are from VMRO-DPMNE, they had more than 300 people employed”, said Manchevski.

He stressed that the previous government illegally employed people in the period from the announcement of the elections on October 17, 2016, to the day the new government was formed.

“During this period, a total of 7,708 people were hired, and 4,473 people were hired on October 17th, out of which 2,312 people were engaged by part-time contracts, copyright contracts or volunteering contracts. We will call the competent inspectorates to take appropriate measures to sanction all institutions and individuals who have violated the laws”, added Manechski.

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