The getaway of Goran Grujovski and Nikola Boshkovski is not a failure of the Macedonian police but it showcases how rotten the judiciary is, said the Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski, who also said that the responsibility for the getaway of the former Head of the Administration of Security and Counter-Intelligence (UBK) and his associate, should be sought from the judges.

– Someone has to be held responsible because those people were given enough time to run regardless if they are hiding in the country or abroad. This should be a strong message and a big lesson for the reforms that will happen in Macedonia’s legal system – said Spasovski.

He stressed that it is high time that the people who allow the criminals to walk freely and who determine measures that cannot be put into effect during a certain period of time to be held responsible.

When asked whether there is any information about the fugitives, the Minister said that they have announced all the information they have and as soon as they will have new information the general public will be informed.

На прашање дали имаат некои нови сознанија за избеганите, министерот за внатрешни работи рече дека соопштиле сè што имале и дека кога ќе имаат нови информации, веднаш ќе ги достават до јавноста.