Macedonia will not profit from the decline in the price of oil

The historic decline in oil prices across the globe has fallen to less than $30, or more precisely $29.93 per barrel, however this will not affect consumers in Macedonia so much. It will slightly affect the price of products and the formation of the cost of petrol, except crude oil, and some other items.
“The price of oil, fuel or partial contribution towards the cost of the product. If the share is 5 percent, then the decline in price would be unnoticeable. We should watch out for any industry or product, as the price of fuel participates in the formation of the total cost, even though in 80 percent of products it is unnoticeable”, says Professor Konstantin Dimitrov.
According to the latest report from the National Bank, in November there was a slight average annual decline in consumer prices as a result of lower energy prices and food prices.