If elections take place on April 24, the Prime Minister needs to resign by tomorrow the latest

On January the 3rd, the Prime Minister announced that he would resign before January the 15th in order to fulfil the Przhino Agreement.

“In accordance with the agreement, on January the 15th a new government with a Prime Minister will be elected for the conduct of parliamentary elections. Previously, of course, I will resign, and as for who will be the President of the Government to conduct until elections will be announced after VMRO-DPMNE make the decision. That decision will be publicly promoted by VMRO-DPMNE via statement or by press conference, ” stated the Prime Minister.
If all terms and deadlines are respected, even though the agreement isn’t exactly precise as it contains wording like “in due time” and “resign in time”, the Prime Minister, along with his current government, should resign the latest tomorrow.
After that, President Gjorge Ivanov should hand the mandate over to the party who won the most seats in Parliament at the previous parliamentary elections, in his case, to VMRO-DPMNE. However, this party need to elect a Prime Minister through its executive committee to be voted in Parliament with a simple majority.