Tomorrow at noon, before the European Union Delegation in Skopje, representatives of more than 70 civil society organizations, civil society platforms and initiatives will hold a press conference.

At a press conference, the organizations will present the a joint letter addressed to Commissioner Johannes Hahn and other international factors that will help resolve the political crisis in Macedonia.

“The purpose of this gathering, is that, we, civil society organizations, platforms and initiatives, want to express our position on the fulfilment on the terms and conditions of the Przhino Agreement and urgent reform priorities for holding fair, free and democratic elections. On behalf of all the civil society organizations, platforms and initiatives here, the following people will address the people; Uranija Pirovska of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in the Republic of Macedonia, Fani Karanfilova- Panevska from the the “Open Society” – Macedonia and Bojan Maricic from the Macedonian Centre for European Education, ” said the statement from the organizations.

In an announcement, it was confirmed that on Friday Commissioner Johannes Hahn will visit, and will be discussing the implementation of the Przhino Agreement with leaders of political parties.