The condition of local media in the city of Veles is worrisome and several measures are necessary for its improvement in order for the citizens not to remain without any relevant, objective and professional done information of local character. This is the conclusion from the meeting that the representatives of SSNM had with part of the journalists and media workers in Veles.

“At the meeting, there were talks about the bad conditions that the correspondents and the journalists work in the local media including the constant decline of media workers. The local journalists stressed the following problems: bad market conditions for the media, lack of working spaces for correspondents, low salaries, lack of support from the business community. The journalists stressed that the local media is on the brink of extinction and that a certain model will have to be found, a system of financing the local media.”

SSNM presented the possibilities and benefits for the members including the ways and tools that the Syndicate has at its disposal for the improvement of the work conditions and the quality of media products.