The Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) issued a longer statement in where they continue to explain last night’s decision to leave Government. In the statement, the emphasis was placed on recordings of conversations by senior officials of the party which were leaked to the public and the responsibility for their distribution.

“Since the beginning of the political crisis in the country, DUI has played a constructive role in restoring stability and security in the country. DUI also worked with great commitment to implement structural reforms stemming from the Przino Agreement and the establishment of the Special Prosecutor’s Office with a clearly defined mandate to prosecute cases arising from the wiretapped materials”, the statement said.

The party regretfully concludes that this process has already been compromised, as a result of the production of thousands of the illegally wiretapped materials, and their distribution is in the hands of criminals in order to take advantage in their factories.

“The step we made is a result of the institutional paralysis and the passive behavior by the competent authorities which obstruct our efforts for a common system of control for such activities. Therefore, this step is a continuation of our efforts for democracy and a system of social and political reform. The DUI party condemns these recordings and claim that they are completely untrue. We encourage citizens not to fall prey to criminals “, the statement said.

The DUI requires institutions, especially the Ministry of Interior and the Public Prosecutor’s Office to take urgent measures and arrest the alleged counterfeiters, distributors and publishers of these edited conversations.
Through a statement the DUI called upon the Special Prosecutor to immediately get involved in the investigation of this serious crime, which they say aims to compromise public figures and affect the work of this institution, which has a legal obligation to the illegal intercepted calls, which are already on the market and they are processed on the black market throughout the region.

“The DUI party did not a cause the crisis, but is the voice of reason and promotes the country, and has fallen victim to the devaluation process of compromising. That is why we have decided to withdraw our current members of the interim government and will not tolerate the process of degeneration, damage to the sovereign judgment, the installation in the underground scene and also calls on citizens not to trust these edited and false recordings, which has only one purpose, and that is to harm the reform process”, said the statement of DUI.