LDP seeks to postpone the elections if Gruevski continues to obstruct

“If the Przino Agreement is not implemented in full with all its important reforms then the April elections are doubtful. The words of Goran Milevski, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party from a political debate held in Veles, titled “Macedonia after Gruevski”.

According to Mr Milevski, if all points of the Przino Agreement are not met, meaning, structural reforms, cleansing of the voter registration lists, the SEC (State Election Commission and Media Laws, it would be pointless and the elections probably best postponed while the incumbent Government fulfil, fully the Agreement.

“We cannot afford to hold another set of fraudulent elections in Macedonia” Milevski said of the Prime Ministers, adding ” If the Przhino Agreement is not complied with, and in particular, and fails to materialise if everything is not implemented that we consider as urgent then our (LDP) position will be that the April elections be postponed. The public can see the implementation of the Przino Agreement has been delayed. In this country we should only organise elections if they can be fair, and not under Gruevski’s finger,” said Milevski, from the debate in Veles.

The LDP leader is resolute in his beliefs that ministers of the opposition cannot operate freely because of obstruction to their duties by VMRO-DPMNE staff who do not allow duties to be undertaken normally according to the laws and regulations of the country.

Also speaking at the debate, the LDP Vice-President Zoran Shapuric, a member of the party’s Executive Committee, Jovan Manasijevski and former first anti-corruption commissioner Dragan Malinoski.