Фото: Бојан Блажевски

“Komunalna higiena”, the community hygiene public enterprise of the city of Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, last year collected 11,000 cubic meters of waste from the illegal dumps and other sites. Also, in 2021 their Eco Patrol handed a total of 1,359 Informative-educational Reports to the people and the legal entities that were caught dumping waste illegaly.

By average, last year there were 3-4 reports daily about illegal waste dumping and after the reports were handed over, the perpetrators have removed a total of 801 cubic meters of illegally disposed waste from the public areas.

In the capital, one can notice disposed waste at every step, but this public enterprise stated that in 2021 they have removed record quantities of waste from the illegal dumps in Skopje. A year before, in 2020, around 9,000 cubic meters of waste was removed from the public areas, and the quantity of removed waste has been continuously increasing since 2017.

The PE “Komunalna higiena” stressed that apart from the city landfill “Drisla”, the citizens can also use their free services for robust waste disposal.

“The PE Komunalna higiena provides, to citizens that have secured their own means of transportation, free disposal of their waste at the selection centers in Karposh and Vardarishte, every day of the week, between 07-18h,” the enterpise informs.