Kodzias to meet with Kerry, Nimitz and Ki-moon next week


Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kodzias on Sunday goes on a week-long visit to the US, where he will have numerous meetings associated with the Macedonian-Greek relations and the name dispute.
Kodzias’ first stop will be Washington, where he will meet with US Secretary of State John Kerry, with who is expected to discuss all issues of bilateral and international interest, and it is not excluded that the name dispute would also be put on the agenda.
After Washington, Greek Minister will leave for New York for important meetings at the United Nations.
On Friday, 24th of April, Kodzias will meet and have talks with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and then with the mediator Matthew Nimetz.
Kodzias’ meeting with Nimetz and Ki-moon is expected to be a kind of introduction and presentation of the positions of the new government, and the new initiative and a new point in the talks or negotiations, i.e. measures to build confidence between both sides, are expected to be presented to Nimetz.
During the visit to Washington, Kodzias will meet with national security adviser Susan Rice, as well as with several senators, while during the whole trip, he will meet with representatives of the Greek Diaspora and the American-Jewish organizations.

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