Kotzias: At this point in time we will not discuss the name dispute


The name dispute is not up for discussion at the moment due to the of the internal political crisis in Macedonia. This was stated by Greece’s Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias before its present face to face meeting with his Macedonian counterpart Nikola Poposki.

The two ministers met on the sidelines of a regional meeting on the refugee crisis, which is being held yesterday and today in Thessaloniki.

“At this time we do not want to discuss this issue. The neighboring country is in a great internal crisis, that should be taken into consideration, and gives us perspective of how it is possible to solve serious issues”, Kotzias noted.

During the meeting, the two ministers, which took place in a good climate, focused on bilateral relations, the issues to enhance mutual cooperation and cooperation on the refugee crisis, which is a common problem, and the resumption of dialogue and the implementation of building confidence measures. Kotzias said that considering the existing measures, adding new ones will help deepen cooperation on several levels.

“We had two rounds of meetings and are discussing confidence-building measures. Petros Mavroidis, the political director of the Foreign Ministry, will be in Skopje on April 25 for the third round of talks on confidence-building measures. We have already arranged for 11 measures and add new ones that will enhance the development of economic and social relations, for Greece as well. Besides building confidence measures, we started something that international diplomacy calls political dialogue with this country, and that is the assessment of the situation in the region”, emphasized Kotzias.

The two ministers, despite today’s bilateral meeting yesterday had a working dinner and an informal meeting where they had a conversation.

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