In all documents that are part of the pedagogical documentation, the constitutional name of the country has been changed, the Bureau for Development of Education (BDE) told “Meta”. This means that students, by the end of June, will be given certificates with a new stamp and seal which will be inscribed “Republic of North Macedonia”.

This decision has already been published in the “Official Gazette” and new documents and forms are being printed.

Primary and secondary schools receive certificates from the Bureau. Nade Molerovic, Head Teacher of “Goce Delcev” primary school in the municipality of Centar, says they have not yet received the new forms.

“It is still early to receive new certificates. They usually arrive after students dissolve, after June 10th. Teachers fill out the grades in the electronic journal, and then they will write them out manually on the certificates. For the ninth grade, certificates are issued earlier because of secondary enrollment, and the rest of the students get them a little later”, says Molerovic.

The certificates, ie the form is printed on paper with a watermark and fluorescent fibers, and the back is printed with gold foil.

From the coming September 1st, all teachers will receive diaries with the new name of the country.

According to the Law on Primary Education, the pedagogical records cover – the main book of students, the diary of the class, the evident sheets for students’ success, student identity papers, the certificate and transfer certificate.

All documents for the upcoming school year will be new.