The Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, officially nor unofficially did not want to comment on the situation with the Special Public Prosecutor. As for all the unresolved issues, they lead us to the rightful institutions or the Council of Public Prosecutors, the Government and the Ministry of Justice.

This was the essence of the brief telephone conversation “Meta” had with the Special Public Prosecutor, Katica Janeva.

“We are working on current affairs, the situation should go to the Council of Public Prosecutors and ask for a response from them”, said Ms Janeva.

Regarding the finance or to be precise, the budget of one million euros, which she requested to conduct her work on the prosecution; there is still no information whether the proposal has been approved. Janeva says that the Government have the final word on the general working, personnel and finances.

“I had my plans and submitted them on time, and before the deadline. It should be submitted with the official position come the government”, said Janeva for “Meta”.

The same applies for the working premises, for which the Ministry of Justice, according to Janeva, is responsible and will sat officially when they have the locations.

According to the Special Prosecutor on Monday last week (October the 19th), the government had to approve the financial budget Janeva had required, and the Ministry of Justice to provide premises for the Special Prosecutor’s Office, where she can conduct her work.

We tried, but so far, we did not get a response from the Government, maybe it is held up in session where they’re reviewing the plans Janeva submitted, eventually something will be decided.