Janeva has agreed to release Verushevski and Lazarevski from jail


The Special Prosecution did not request for Zoran Verushevski’s detention to be replaced with house arrest as some of the media has reported. Zoran Verushevski, charged in the case “Putsch”, at the request of his defence team, who argued that his detention in jail should be replaced with some sort of guarantee, and the court gave a positive opinion to their argument stated the Special Prosecutions Office for ‘Meta’.

This means that Katica Janeva agreed to terminate the detention of Zoran Verushevski and Georgi Lazarevski, who are the only defendants in the case who is still serving jail sentences.

“Regarding the question at hand, we would like to clarify that we did not ask for the detention of the defendants to be replaced with house arrest. We acted upon the request of the court, where the court pronounced the proposal from the defence team and the two defendants, the termination of detention in jail and replacing it with some sort of guarantee. Acting on the request of court, we gave a positive opinion and gave the reasons why we believe that detention being replaced by some sort of guarantee, for both defendants is a positive thing”, said the letter from the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

At the same time, the Special Prosecutor has suggested that precautionary measures such be take  such as confiscating the defendants passports so they are not flight risks and can not cross state borders.

However, the final decision on detention is made by the Basic Court Skopje 1.

The court has to decide whether the accused will be remanded in custody or other measures will be taken such as, freedom, house arrest, passport confiscation etc.

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