There is a real threat of the physical liquidation of the two party leaders, said President Ivanov at a joint interview with several chief editors of Macedonian television stations in his cabinet.

He said he can not name names, but that the competent agencies and services know the identity of these people, and are informed about the threats to them and that such threats are real.

As for the ambassadors in the country, according to Ivanov, it is they who dictate to the judges how and what to work via telephone.

“They walk all over the courts. Some ambassadors have exceeded all ambassadorial powers. We do not want to enter into a conflict with certain countries of origin. I have told them to be careful, so they would not be misunderstood with their work. Nobody has been able to break me, even blackmail me. For honesty, sincerity and dedication, I can talk for hours”, said Ivanov.

The President said that his idea for the pardon and amnesty originated from the intention that Zaev would have a guarantee that he would not be arrested at the leaders’ meetings to which he was invited to, and that his career would be left in tact.

“Many will disagree, but now is the time to ensure free and fair elections. I apologize to all those I have put in an awkward position. I have always been led by the interest of the state. The state in particular. That was my motto…” said President Ivanov.