The atmosphere before TCC “Plaza” has become extremely tense after having come close to a clash between protesters and police. Demonstrators managed to lift the fence in front of the police cordon.

Protesters threw lit torches, bottles and stones at the police cordon.

They shouted “No justice, no peace,” while they moved from Parliament, where the protest began, to the police station “Beko” where the protesters who were arrested last night are being held.

In front of the TCC “Plaza” there is a police cordon with a water cannon to disperse protesters, and to keep them away from the police station “Beko”. Currently protesters are standing at the crossroads near the building “Paloma Bianca”.

After a few minor clashes, at present, the police and protesters stand opposite each other, but the situation is calm.

Organizers and leader of “Dignity” Stojanche Angelov called for peaceful protests.

Protesters have just started to retreat from the crossroads at “Paloma Bianca” and have begun to move towards the government building.

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