Investigators from the SPO are checking whether Taleski is signing work documents while under house arrest


Three investigators from the Special Prosecutor’s Office this morning arrived in the Municipality of Bitola, to inspect the implementation of Mayor Vladimir Taleski’s house arrest, we have learned.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office confirmed for “Meta” that their investigators are in fact in the Municipality of Bitola.

They say that they are there to see if there are any flaws in the implementation of the house arrest, and whether Taleski is signing any official documents or performing any working actions while in detention.

Unofficially, if the investigators from the SPO determine that there are flaws in the implementation of the detention measure, they may request a change of house arrest with a more strict measure to ensure his presence.

For now, the SPO refuse to comment on what measures will be taken or what they might propose if they do find mistakes.

The Special Public Prosecution has charged Taleski and another 22 people for abuse of office and authority concerning the transport of students in Bitola, by embezzling a hefty 360,000 euros in the “Transporter” case.

Otherwise, Taleski has been under house arrest since June 20, when the Bitola police began to implement the measure. The judge from the preliminary procedure ruled in favour of house arrest for the Mayor of Bitola four days earlier.

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