Selmani: With the ad hoc body, parties want to fool the public that they’re reforming the media


Not one of the candidates for the members of the ad hoc body of the Media Agency is a member of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM).

“Journalists who irregularly pay their membership fee, automatically have their membership terminated”, said the President of the AJM, Naser Selmani, when he was asked whether any of the candidates were members of the association.

He reiterated the position of the AJM that they will not participate in the parties consultations to form an ad hoc body of the Media Agency, nor do they intend to do so when the party choose a new editor for the MRT.

“We are confident that these solutions will not only fail to improve the freedom of the media, but will further politicise the media system. With these amendments, the parties want to fool the public into thinking that they are  reforming the media. We are a serious organisation of journalists, not like some other associations who initially rejected the agreement of the parties concerning the media, and then offered their own president and secretary as members for the ad hoc body. Therefore, in the public eye we proved that their organisation is a party branch of the VMRO-DPMNE”, says Selmani.

He went on to say that he can not forbid a member of the AJM to apply for party advertisements, however, they must know that if they want to be members of this organisation, then they must respect the decisions. Otherwise, said Selmani, they risk being excluded as members.

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