It’s good that we have a linear increase of cases even though we are prepared to accept and treat patients in even greater numbers. All medical workers have been mobilized and the capacities are ready. We have cured patients, therefore we are in a situation where the inflow can be amortized, stressed the Health Minister Venko Filipche during today’s press conference.

Regarding the findings of an infected employee at the Clinic of cardiology, the infected personnel at the Clinic of Skin Diseases, the medical personnel in Kavadarci, Filipche said that the hospitals are not hot spots for the infection.

The minister said that all measures that have been made by now were directed towards social distancing. He explained that he can talk about approaches to testing, the therapy but the social distancing is the key measure that has to be obeyed.

So far, 1.800 tests were conducted. On a world level there are many cured patients and that is good according to Filipche.

-The second good thing is that we have a large number of patients that are treated at home. there is a small percentage even worldwide of patients that are needed ventilators. Whatever the outcome, it depends on previous sicknesses or chronically ill, but that is not always a rule. Therefore, all patients are treated very seriously.

So far, there are 219 registered cases of people infected with the coronavirus, out of which 3 have passed away, and 3 people were cured.