Ѓубрето депонирано во „Дрисла“; Фото: Бојан Блажевски

Large quantities of waste deposited at various locations in the Eastern and Northeastern regions or North Macedonia are still waiting for the Green Agenda and the clean up. The people living in 18 municipalities in these two regions are still waiting for the removal of substandard municipality landfills, an action that was announced at the start of this year. The institutions are shifting the responsibility or aren’t giving clues about the new timetables for the clean up of the landfills.

The first phase of this project envisions clean up of 70 illegal dumps and the sanation of 7 of the current substandard landfills in the Eastern and Northeastern regions.

We contacted the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning but we received no answer about the date when the cleaning of the landfills will start in both regions, nor explanations about the locations where the whole process will start. We did not receive any answer either from the Development Center of the Northeastern Planning Region, which replied that all information concerning this subject can be received from the ministry only.

According to the last information we received from the Ministry of Environment in May, the cleaning of the landfills and dumps was supposed to start in mid-May this year, but even though it was announced, there was neither an official start of the activities nor any information was provided about the locations that will be cleaned first. Previously, this ministry’s representatives claimed that the procedure will start toward the end of April, while the first deadline was March.

The standard answer we were receiving during the past period from this ministry was that two companies from Turkey and Germany were selected and these were obliged to clean the landfills in these two separate regions. Still, the process was prolonged due to the repeating of the tenderin process for the selection of companies that will be supervising the operations.