Gruevski: The SPO has Lost its Credibility


The Special Public Prosecution is on a mission to blacken our name and discredit the VMRO-DPMNE and help the SDSM, reckons the leader of the ruling party VMRO-DPMNE. He also added that the SPO, by doing so, have ruined their own credibility.

“The press conference held by the Special Public Prosecution’s Office was full of empty charges and case files which they then refer for investigation, it just shows that this prosecution has been seized by a group of people, who are deeply party motivated and there only mission is to tarnish people part of the VMRO-DMPNE and help get the SDSM to power. This was not the idea when we were in talks about the formation of such a prosecution and it will bring down all the SPO’s credibility”, stated Nikola Gruevski on tonight’s interview for “Sitel” TV just before the celebrations began of the party’s 26th birthday.

He then turned to the NGO’s and raised the question why do 80 percent of the funding for NGO’s come from one place and why do all have the same aim, to be against VMRO-DPMNE, or anti-VMRO.

“The question here is why is it that the ‘Sorosoid’ NGO’s which 80 percent most of the time are against the VMRO-DPMNE, and are always, always on the side of the SDSM, regardless of who is in power, and who the opposition are? In these 26 years, did the VMRO-DPMNE not manage to make one step or proposal that the sponsor of these NGO’s liked? Or is it that the SDSM did not do one anything wrong. At least one step. How could someone be so bothered because the VMRO-DPME wants to form an independent state with all the attributes it deserves and fights to get the country strong, a state which will apprise its people through democratic elections, not for anyone or anything else. VMRO-DPMNE will always rely on the people and their will, as for the SDSM they rely on outside help and foreign interests”, said Gruevski. He also added, that in all elections until now from 1994-2004, the ruling party has won because of the people, and won because they never received outside help, unlike the SDSM.

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