Gruevski: Wise nations come out stronger from every crisis

By reflecting on their ambition and paying respect to the sacrifices of the revolutionaries of Ilinden and the Partisans of the anti-fascist struggle, Prime Minister Gruevski stated that their struggle is an impetus for “our struggle” and our stride towards higher goals. In his address from the monument of the President of the ASNOM presidium- Metodija Andonov – Chento in Skopje, Mr. Gruevski added: “A stronger country [means] happier and stronger people in it.”

– In the time of our “Ilindenians” and “ASNOMians”, the striving towards the highest purpose was the freedom and the statehood that we have today. One of the symbolic gestures regarding the indebtedness of this generation was the erection of monuments of the heroes of the Macedonian history. But those are the symbolic gestures. The most important steps towards the continuation of their deeds is strengthening the progress of the country, securing the peace and security of the country and the people, improving the life of the people in every respect, developing democracy and human rights, developing education, the economy, the rule of law, and the continued advancement in every view- said Gruevski.

He said that the occasional crises are part of the development of every country and the resolution of those crises is a learning process that “moves countries forward.”

-Such is the case with the latest political crisis in Macedonia. In this crisis we did everything, among other things, to prevent the stopping of the coming of new factories and companies that are opening new jobs and new perspectives to our people. This is why, smart nations come out stronger from every crisis. Macedonia is a country of a wise people,” said the Prime Minister.

Gruevski reflected on the security challenges the country is facing, pointing to the events in Kumanovo on May 9 and 10 and the situation with the rivers of migrants that are flowing through the country and the rest of Europe.

– The threat of terrorism is looming above us, as well as all of Europe. Radical groups are making open threats and from time to time they are taking actions. We must strengthen our capacities in dealing with them and we must deal with them. The events in Kumanovo and the incidental detonations of bombs or grenades is a reminder that these threats do not affect countries that are far away from us, like France or Belgium, Norway or the United States. They can come here, to our streets, in front of the entrance to our building or house. They can endanger our lives and the lives of those who are dear to us- said the Prime Minister.
Regarding the migrant crisis, Gruevski said, “it will yet become an even greater challenge.”

– If someone is thinking that the migrant crisis is a wave that will pass with time, they are being fooled. This is just the beginning of a new, large migration of the people, which is yet to become more intense. For now we were managing fine, but the challenges are increasing- said Gruevski.

On the matter of choosing Members of the Assembly from the Diaspora, a question that opened during the meetings for implementing the Przhino Agreement, Gruevski said in his speech, “If you are asking me, the number of Diaspora representatives should at least triple, rather than eliminate those that are here now.”

– The Diaspora, not only sends tremendous financial help to their close ones in Macedonia, but also helps in various other ways, from political and economic lobbying to, more recently and increasingly, by small or large investments in the country. Do not underestimate their labor- said Gruevski.

As part of the goals the government is aiming for, Gruevski offered the latest recommendations from the EU related to Chapters 23 and 24, in which, like he said, “we are putting a strong and intensive effort to strengthen, improve and enhance the good functioning of the Government mechanism in all respects.”

Regarding the crisis in Greece, Gruevski stated that it is to the detriment of
Macedonia, not only in economic sense but also political, “because of the total defocusing of our neighbor from the resolving of our bilateral problem that has cost us membership to NATO and now I can freely say, membership to the EU, seven full years.”

– We wish that our neighbor to the south surmounts sooner the current economic challenges and return its focus on our bilateral problem, as well as their blockade on us- stated the Prime Minister, adding that “history is important, but it shouldn’t become a barrier to the future.”