Zaev: The Second of August is our eternal reminder to the vow for freedom


“This bright day from history, August 2, when we mark the Krushevo Republic of 1903 and the Assembly of ASNOM in 1944, paying respect to the heroes who gave their lives for Macedonia, is an eternal reminder to the vow for freedom that the future generations, current and future, are indebted with,” says in the greeting of the President of SDSM, Zoran Zaev, regarding the national holiday August 2 – Day of the Republic.

“The desire for an independent country from 112 years ago, was the motive that drove the Ilinden revolutionaries in the battle for freedom they long strived for. In front of the similar challenge, 71 years ago were the fighters of ASNON who with dignity and bravery, for the second time in our later history, had won that battle. This is the day when the foundations of an independent and sovereign Macedonia were laid, as well as the roadmap that shows us how it is possible to reach the goals that we revere, with unity and faith. United and with the hope that we will succeed again in surmounting the challenges posed in front of contemporary Macedonia, in returning the basic democratic virtues and a just society of free, economically stable and happy citizens, who can and know how to share common values for a better and more prosper future,” says in the greeting.

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