Coat of Arms, state exam and constitutional changes suffered from the “bombs”

By revealing the “bombs” of SDSM, some projects that the Government of the Republic of Macedonia planned, and even promoted, remained unfinished.

Press conferences of SDSM leader Zoran Zaev occupied the entire attention of the Government, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski started promising everything just to intercept tapped materials, and some of the announced projects went into oblivion.

  • New Coat of Arms. On 6th of December 2014, the government adopted a draft law for a new Coat of Arms. This was supposed to be followed by a public hearing, which never took place. Under the initiative, the Coat of Arms of Macedonia will be a red lion within a golden-yellow shield with a crown at the top, as well as mural crown shaped like a fortress. In order to change the symbol, an amendment of the Constitution, i.e. a two-thirds and Badinter majority, is required.
  • State exam. Project of the Government of the state exam, although was strongly announced, and the Prime Minister and the Government were adamant that it will be conducted with no objections, collapsed. After three student protests and boycott of classes, the Government, however, relented and had met the requirements of the student movement. Ministry of Education withdrew the bill and students formed working groups for new legislation. The exam would have been implemented in 2017, i.e. for students of universities in the country who would enroll in September 2015.
  • Revoking the mandates of the opposition MPs. In November last year, the Assembly raised an initiative to start the procedure to revoke the mandates of opposition MPs from SDSM and its coalition due to unjustified six-month absence from the Assembly. This initiative remained unfinished although the session to revoke the mandates began and was suspended with a break that lasts to this day.
  • Constitutional changes. In January this year, constitutional amendments were also planned. The session began on 20th of January. These constitutional amendments provide defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman, forming financial zones, introducing a constitutional complaint, renaming the National Bank to Bank of the Republic of Macedonia. The session was suspended at the request of members of DUI and has not been rescheduled ever since.
    In order to become part of the Constitution, any amendment must receive two-thirds support on individual voting, i.e. 82 votes.