Did Zaev reveal Mijalkov’s secret aircrafts?


In one of the wiretapped conversations, which were announced today by opposition leader Zoran Zaev, between Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska and the Director of the Security and Counterintelligence Agency (SCI) Sasho Mijalkov, the Head of the Secret Police complains that he is understaffed without “neither aircraft’s, nor helicopters” that function.
To which aircraft’s Mijalkov refers to in his conversation with the Minister of Interior?
Former members of the intelligence community in the country stated for META that it is a matter of the drones that security services purchased in 2007/2008.
If these aircraft do exist, their purchase and use are classified as a state secret.
Rumour has it that for a several years now, Macedonian authorities possess such equipment, but there has been no official confirmation fonr this from any institution.
However, nobody has ever denied these claims either.
After Zaev’s press conference, where it was announced the alleged recordings where Mr Mijalkov speaks of “aircrafts”, VMRO-DPMNE issued a statement accusing Zaev of  creating destabilization and an attempt for a political crisis.
“Zaev today revealed information about the capacity of the security services,and is trying to jeopardize their functioning. Zaev today, in an utterly ruthless manner, again disregarding the interest of public, revealed information about plans for the personnel staff in the security services and to increase their efficiency. This is classical anti-state behavior and any citizen will recognize it and therefore will not support it,” reads the statement.
A few years ago, when in the yard of the steel factory “Makstil” an accident occurred with a part of a Russian ballistic missile, which came as scrap iron, the first information that appeared in the media was that one of the police drones had fallen.

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