For Verushevski, the orderer of the illegal wiretapping is Nikola Gruevski and not Mijalkov


Zoran Verushevski, the former Head of the Agency for Security and Counter-Intelligence and a current Security advisor to Zoran Zaev, when asked by the prosecution regarding the illegal wiretapping at the UBK, he said today that Nikola Gruevski should be the prime suspect in this case.

According to Verushevski, Gruevski has owned and still owns a lot of the bombs (tapped conversations) and has used them to secure a better status.

Sasho Mijalkov and the other accused in the “target-Fortress” case announced that they have no questions for Verushevski.

When asked by Prosecutor Lenche Ristovska when, where and how did Verushevski receive the information about the bombs, he said that he has come across with the first documented evidence in 2010.

In 2010, SDSM has had documents and information about the government’s limited democratic capacity and it had knowledge of a project for controlling the communication which was especially directed towards the opposition. This information arrived from various sources and I had the opportunity to see this documentation. In conversation with the sources the doubts about the violation of the freedom of speech in the country were confirmed. That was the moment when I decided to devote myself to this matter. The documentation was digitalized the way it was handed over to SPO – said Verushevski.

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