The Basic Public Prosecution for Organized Crime and Corruption has filed indictments against Bojan Jovanovski, Katica Janeva and Zoran Milevski – Kicheec, suspects in the Racket case.

As stated in the press release issued by the Public Prosecution, the prime suspect is accused of felony “money laundering and other illegal incomes” while the others for “taking an award for illegal influence”. The second suspect is charged with “misuse of official position and authorization”.

-During the period starting from November last year and until April this year, the prime suspect has used his alleged influence over the second suspect – a public prosecutor and has influenced an act of official action that mustn’t have supposed to happen. By using the previously established friendly relations, he has influenced the second suspect, during the implementation of an investigation in the case named as “Empire” in order to ease the witness’ position who is one of the suspects in this case and who was taken into detention upon a proposal by the public prosecutor. The third suspect has contributed significantly in the accomplishment of the criminal act by setting continuous meetings between the first suspect with the witness’ wife and later with the witness and who has assured him about his influence on the public prosecutor – said the Public Prosecution’s press release.

The second suspect has used her official position and after the first and the third suspects have received the agreed 500.000 euros from the witness’ wife, she has filed a proposal for determining a less severe measure at the Appellate Court – a house arrest. According to the agreement, after the payment of the first 1.000.000 euros, the second person has submitted a written agreement at the court for the witness’ passport to be returned temporarily.

“With the taken official activities, the second suspect has used and overstepped its authorizations and has acquired a property both in cash and objects – a piece of furniture in the amount of 296.040 denars and cash in the amount of 50.000 euros. For the illegal influence, the other suspects have taken an award in the amount of 1.500.000 euros. Even though unemployed and with a blocked transaction accounts, and no income, the first suspect has been purchasing luxurious furniture, clothes, and shoes and has been staying at luxurious summer resorts outside of the country which indicates that he has been using the assets that were acquired with the criminal act “taking an award for illegal influence” informs the press release.

With the indictment, a proposal for extending the current measures against the suspects has been submitted as well.