Citizens from flood affected areas are due to receive approximately 200 Euro’s per family from money raised from two Red Cross accounts, one of which is the Solidarity Fund and the second is money raised through telephone donations, the latter which raised 63.8million denars (1,038.389 euros)

The number of families which are in need of assistance ranges from some 4.000 to 4.500.

“Citizens who have suffered damages will have until Friday to register..The unofficial number of families requiring help is between 4000 and 4500.We should wait for the official data and then we will pay out linearly the 63 million denars we have collected so far. We will use the results from the committee’s out in the field.We believe that the linear payment of funds is both the fairest and the most humane. Following the same principle, additional funds will be allocated in this same manner” stated the Secretary-General of the Red Cross, Sait Saiti.

He went on to say that for greater transparency in the allocation of the funds, a Commission made up of 13 members was formed to assess the situation concerning the funds, the members are representatives of the companies that donated the largest amounts, people from the affected areas, themselves as well as representatives from all the relevant institutions.

regarding the money donated by the Austrian Red Cross, an amount of 550,000 euros, Saiti stated that it would go toward action to train local people to cope with the consequences of natural disasters, psycho-social support, and activities to support schools in the affected regions.

“From this money, 300 of the most vulnerable families will be paid 500 euros. Through the International Red Cross and Red Crescent, we have secured 300,000 Swiss francs to be used for food and hygiene, as well as training for 3000 local governments in the affected regions in terms of dealing with the consequences of natural disasters” Saiti said.
The head of the “Buchim” business, Nikolajco Nikolov also attended the Commission of the Red Cross, and pointed out that the funds raised from the celebration of the Day of the Miners had exceeded assistance for citizens in the flooded areas, and additional funds were provided by citizens who helped to raise a further 100,000 euros