The existing four members of the ad hoc body to regulate the media have, today, failed once again to come to an agreement on the choice of a fifth member, who, by law, must be of Albanian ethnicity.

One of two candidates proposed by the SDSM, Ljubomir Kostovski commented that although the situation was almost resolved, someone wants the selection of the fifth member to continue being a problem.

“We do not have an agreement, although the situation was almost resolved. We met at 12.00 noon, there were no new suggestions of a new name or anything else new.The members who were proposed by the VMRO-DPMNE had no direction, so the meeting was terminated, however, if necessary, we will reconvene. The situation is clear, but someone wants this problem to drag on”, said Kostovski.

Cvetin Chilmanov, a member proposed by the VMRO-DPMNE, said that, at today’s meeting, an agreement was not reached because some members had insisted too much on a certain candidate.

“For now, we have finished, no consensus. I suggested to Kostovski that if he really wants their candidate to be accepted, he should withdraw, so their candidate can enter in his place, then we four can sit down and discuss the selection of the fifth member”, Chilimanov said, adding, that all members will stay in constant communication.

The deadline for the selection of the fifth member to the ad hoc body expired a week ago, and the four members failed again to choose the fifth member, even today, before the party leader’s meeting where it is hoped that leaders of the four largest political parties can agree whether the conditions for elections have been met.