The leader of the VMRO-DPMNE party, Nikola Gruevski left today’s leaders’ meeting early at the MPs clubhouse where details are being discussed regarding the elections which are expected to be held in December.

He said that his party had accepted all conditions the SDSM had proposed only so they will not have the opportunity of postponing the elections again.

“Once again, after numerous times, the SDSM have confirmed that they do not want a real solution for the MRTV, they just want the chief editor to be a party member. The SDSM have asked that Santa Argirova be chief editor of the public broadcasting service, who has clearly expressed her political views, however, we have accepted not to give them an opportunity to postpone elections again. We accepted the amendments they proposed for the methodology for monitoring the media before the elections and left the SDSM and the Albanian parties to agree on a fifth member of the ad hoc body for overseeing the media during the election campaign period. We are committed to holding elections on December 11, and we decided to accept everything they ask for, so elections can not be postponed once again”, said Gruevski.

The negotiating team from the DPA stated that they left the DUI party and the SDSM party alone, to decide who will be the fifth member of the ad hoc body.

If this issue can be resolved, it can be expected that the date for early parliamentary elections will be announced later on tonight.