EU considers the possibility of European TV channel “against Putin’s propaganda”, revealed the popular website “Bazfeed” in an interview with Latvian Foreign Minister just before Riga to take over the EU presidency at the beginning of 2015. EU member states are seriously considering the possibility of opening their own TV channel that aims to combat “Putin’s propaganda”.

In the interview, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevich pointed out that the idea has the support of 15 EU member states, including the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland and Great Britain.

According to him, the idea is to create a TV channel “to jointly invest in an alternative source of information – not in alternative sources of propaganda, but in normal alternative TV channel with entertainment, news and factually accurate information”.

TB channel would broadcast in Russian and this would be a counterweight to Russian media broadcasting in languages of the EU, as Russia Today and Russia Beyond the Headlines, Voice of Russia, etc. which presented the Russian version of the conflict in Ukraine and Russian vision of global developments.

The European Commission was informed of “the lack of independence of the media in Russian language in the EU and its neighborhood. There are proposals for alternative media voices in Russian, including TV channels. European Commission closely monitors the exchange of ideas and is willing to consider any constructive opportunity to answer these questions”, confirmed the spokesman for the European Commission for the press.