The session of the Government of North Macedonia held on 24th of November caused heated reactions from the environmentalists, with the confirmation of the text of the Draft Law for registering vehicles with foreign registration plates. It will alllow first time registration of those vehicles with Macedonian registration plates with up to 50% less than the value of all the fees that are collected by the state authorities upon the import of a vehicle.

The civil association “O2 Initiative” states that this move by the government is one step forward but three steps back, and described the decision as a measure that will allow  importing all kinds of waste from Europe under the guise of “luxury cars”.

They state that the vehicles that are sold in North Macedonia are mainly higher class vehicles that are unacceptable for the EU because of the pollution levels. They are considered as status symbols here and it doesn’t matter if they are big polluters.

As the Government informs, the articles of this Draft Law refer to vehicles imported until 1st of October this year, and it will be implemented in a period of 1 year.

Otherwise, last month, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) published a global report on the subject of used vehicles and the living environment, where a warning is issued about the air pollution caused by gases emitted by used vehicles and bigger regulation of the international flow of these vehicles is demanded from the developed countries towards the developing countries and the third world. Our country was placed in a group of states with weak policies for regulating the import of used vehicles.