Life goes on: Clean laundry hanging in the stench and the smoke of the burning waste

Civil associations for the protection of the environment have requested today from the President Stevo Pendarovski and the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to fight the enormous air pollution by activating the army and the police. Referring to the constitutional right for a healthy living environment, the activists have issued an open letter addressed to Pendarovski and Zaev and are asking to activate the members of the army and the police in the fight against the illegal open fires that are causing the air pollution.

The civil associations demand that ARM and MOI should organize regular patrols along national parks and mountainous areas that are most frequented and a subjected to fires after series of fires emerged in areas during a season when it is most unusual.

Also, the army and the police is asked to participate in the education of citizens about the damaging consequences of lighting fires and waste.