The Director of the Directorate for Protection and Rescue, Adnan Dzaferovski said that nine fires are active across the country and being put out with “Air tractors

There were photographs on the social media that were made from a satellite and it can be seen the smoke from the fires in Macedonia.

“Up to this moment, the Direction has received many requests for activating the airplanes for assistance from above in extinguishing the fires. There are active fires at Popova Shapka and Bistra, nera Kriva Palanka, Makedonski Brod, Chashka, Kavadarci, Krushevo, Prilep, Gevgelija. Taking into account this season of the year and the dry vegetation the danger of fires is greater. The fires are a result of misbehavior i.e. intentional causing fires at forests and pastures and the err is always human” said Dzaferoski.