Извор на фотографија: Веб-страница на Општина Берово

The Council of the Municipality of Berovo unanimously adopted the initiative to rename a street in Berovo with the name of the Slovenian firefighter Žan Kofol. He was one of the symbols in the fight against the forest wildfires in the Maleshevo area this past summer.

The initiative for renaming a street in Berovo after the Slovenian fireman was submitted by Berovo’s Mayor Zvonko Pekevski.

“I submitted the initiative as a posthumous rewardi for this hero, who contributed tremendously in extinguishing the fires that raged in the Maleshevo area and who was killed in a car accident,” stressed Mayor Pekevski.

The Slovenian firefighter Žan Kofol lost his life in a car accident near Nova Gorica, on the 28th of September, a day before his 20th birthday.