Employees at the Basic Court Skopje I Have Brought Criminal Charges Against Judge Panchevski


Employees at the Basic Court Skopje I have brought new criminal charges against the president of the court, Vladimir Panchevski, that claims he has misused his official position i.e. that on the 4th of November he announced a vacancy for a court administrator even though according to the Law for a judicial service, for this vacancy a public call has to be announced.

Regarding the announcement, as was reported by the media, there was a reaction by the manager of the human resources department at the Basic court Skopje I, Goran Stamenkovski, but on the 18th of November, a decision was made and for a court administrator was chosen Roza Kavazova who previously worked as an official for mediation with information of public character at the Criminal court.

The employees are charging Panchevski who, because of his personal friendship with Roza Kavazova, has misused his official position i.e. he overstepped his authorizations and has chosen Kavazova to be a court administrator.

Panchevski, in his statement for “Telma” TV said that this was the first time he has heard of a criminal charge against him and added that there are state institutions that are in charge of processing the charges.

“If there is a doubt of any violation anyone has the right to submit an application, but it has to be known that there is a penalty for “false accusations and charges.” Regarding the announcement, all of the dissatisfied candidates have the right to appeal as there is still a deadline for that,” said Panchevski



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